Saturday, January 23, 2010

How To-->> Clean your Water Pipe

Smoking Marijuana is illegal. Owning a water pipe or bong is not. Should your water pipe become soiled, smoking Marijuana illegally, here is how you clean it.

Pour some Table Salt and Rubbing Alcohol into your glassware, swirl and shake. You should start to see the gunk fall into the water. Rinse well and repeat until you are satisfied. Really rinse well though; you'll set yourself on fire if you don't. Stoner.

Baller On A Budget-->> Cool & Comfy Winter Look

This is how you do cold weather.

I am from Cali now living in NY and I need ideas on how to make winter comfy, yet sexy. SJP is doing it.

Should you need help, New Tab it on over to the Frugal-Fashionista and figure it out.

Ya Heard-->> Chris Brown "Famous Girl"

Chris Brown - Famous Girl by mikeyboom
This song is the business. The lyrics are real and that Ryan Leslie beat is sick. Did not know this kid writes his songs as well. Damn. If someone would just tell Chris Brown that seeing a therapist is something that everyone should do, I think he'd be alright.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Pants Subway Day!

I admit it, I did it!

So every year for the past eight years, folks from around the globe have gotten together to take their pants off on a subway car in the name of art, brought to you by Improv Everywhere in 28 degree weather. It was fun but exhausting. Ton's of mouths were on the floor and some subway riders were downright outraged! Oh well; see ya next year;-)


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