Friday, April 16, 2010

First Look-->> Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc is a singer, songwriter, and cutie-pie, currently living in Los Angeles and signed to Stones Throw records. If you need a breathe of fresh air, in the form of soul music, do yourself a favor and purchase "Shine Through" released in '06. Or log onto his website for a listen.

This here vid is for the theme song for HBO's "How To Survive In New York".

First Look-->> Kelis Cover Art & Video

Kelis is back and looking wilder than ever. I'mma stick wid her dough cause she ain't never led me astray. Although I think I slept on that last disc, "Kelis Was Here" anyone know how it was? Anyhoo, she has released the cover art and first video "Acapella" from her forthcoming disc "Flesh Tone".

As wild as this video is, I believe it's about her son and starting life anew. I love it. Eh Girl, lend five dollars?! I kid, I kid.

How To-->> Wine Freshness

Lol, I didn't know what to call this post but that's what I needed to know. If the box of wine that I was drinking was fresh. Well you know me, it's off to Google searching I go. I found that air oxidizes wine and makes it undrinkable after a day, maybe 2 for reds and barely overnight for whites. The object seems to be to vacuum out the air from your bottle using various methods from rubber clad stoppers, to vacuum machines; even throwing it in the freezer. But a boxed wine is different. the spout keeps air out allowing your wine to stay fresh for weeks.

And yes I said "box of wine". Last summer, while on my way to a summer concert in a park-like setting, I stopped into a wine shop and found a super-cute box of Pinot Grigio from Three Thieves vineyard in Calfornia; priced at a cool 10 bucks. The website states that the box is
easy-to-open, and resealable cap means your wine is always fresh.

So I'm gonna sit here, on this rainy Friday evening, and enjoy my week old box of wine **Muah**

Pardon My French-->>Followers

Yay, I have two Followers. Dang, now I gotta make it count, do it right.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farewell-->> Dixie Carter

Oh no, Dixie Carter has passed away. I loved her on "Designing Women", about four feisty Southern belles and there hilarious, ex-con assistant. But she was also an accomplished Broadway actress and dancer. It really seemed like she was a classy dame. I like that.

Here is a scene of Dixie as Julia Sugarbaker going tha hell off in classic Julia form.


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