Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nortorious Trailer

The cast features Angela Bassett as Voletta Walace, Derek Luke as Puffy, Anthony Mackie as Tupac and newcomer Jamal Woolard as The Notorious B.I. mutha'fuckin' G. It is set for a January 16, 2009 release date.

Wanda Wednesday

Well, Frenchie Friday is no more on account of all the vids getting removed from Youtube. But, I have found many Wanda clips so I just felt the need to institute Wanda Wednesday's. We shall see how far we can get. Have fun.

Fashion First-->> Capelet

The Capelet isn't a new trend but not much is know about the rules to wearing one properly. I received an email from Ford Models (I am not signed to them - yet) with a few tips for ya. My friend Esi loves these things!

Psst-->> Clay is Gay, No Really

Woke up to's report this morning. I's not news, and to each his own, but he finally is admitting it. Do you brotha, do you.

>>So is Linsey Lohan by the way.

And We're Back!

A month....really....damn. Well I guess I needed the break. I have been working which was one reason and I for the past month I have been stressing cause I have to move residence for the third time since moving here to New York. This city is a beast man let me tell you. My emotions have been all across the board and they switch from moment to moment without notice.
I have a lot of catching up to do and tons that I want to share.
I'm gonna get my barrings back soon and return this blog to the hotness that is First! cause I have been reading other blogs, and they have taken my lingo but they ain't got me so....

I know this must be old but I am loving the new T-Pain Can't Believe it The song and the video are the bizzness. Haven't seen it you say....I got you, with love Red D!

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