Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Friend, Eddie Campbell

My friend Eddie Campbell's life was taken last weekend. I still have no words.
His family has set up a lovely memorial website in celebration of his life. He was an amazing human being.
If you are so led, click the heading to stop by.

Skateland in Berkeley


Has anyone else heard this Ryan Leslie 'Diamond Girl', Feat. 50 Cent? Out of control. It's down below for ya.

Well my plan to move to NY this spring is in motion. I am on my way for the weekend to scope out Brooklyn where I believe I will reside. I can't believe it is here. When you are on your path doors and windows open. Last year this time I toyed with the idea of moving back home to L.A......but I hate L.A. and I've done it. And no movement happened while I was on my L.A. shit cause my shit really is NY.

I am so grateful to be in the moment. To be able to see it take form, the process of moving from being a west-coaster to an east-coaster. In all of my 7 years of being in tha bay, not once have I owned a down jacket. What tha fuck have I been doing I have no clue, but today I found a super-cute, chocolate brown (my color) down-filled jacket with a fur-lined hood and everything! And I learned about a new (to me) designer: BUFFALO David Bitton. Hot.

So let me go, I've got trees to roll and a suitcase to double check. Life is good. And we have everything we need inside of us to get'her done. Just believe. And breathe. And go.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1 Week Anniversary

Woohoo, happy 1 week anniversary to ME!
I was in my kitchen cleaning my stove top when I heard the American Idol Theme come on the T.V. in the living room. I kicked off my blog during last weeks EP and I was like I gotta blog this.
I can't think of a better distraction from cleaning the stove top;-)

First Look-->> Estelle "American Boy"

American Boy

Estelle | MySpace Music Videos

Take 5

Daily Affirmation
February 26, 2008

Today I enjoy and savor the journey. I pay attention to my life’s process of unfolding. I embrace my own unique process and release my concerns about results. This moment is enough for me.
I am on some journey right now. I was completely unemployed last year and took to temp work after unemployment ran out. The problem is that I am a creative type forced to work with corporate America for 7 1/2 hours Monday thru Friday. This shit is killing me. Now, yes I do have a plan. Yes I am moving to NYC in April, now May due to my friends passing, but, this shit is hard. These people do not have the same enthusiasm for life that I do, they don't joke in the same way that I do, they never go out for walks or to sit in the courtyard to eat lunch; and they never complain either.

I am in mourning, which I have not shared with too many at my job because the wrong attention will be given, but I am in mourning, I have a quick weekend trip to NYC this weekend that had been planned last month, I have to remember to pay my deposit on a photo shoot I have set up in March, and I have a funeral to attend once I get back home on Monday. This shit is ill. I have no one to confide in until I get back home later tonight. These fools are complaining about how the lady who waters the plants left a leaking plant on the table in the break room. Yeah that sucks but go wipe up the mess and call her on it the next time it happens. Why gather the troops to gossip and the shit still did not get wiped up. I just went in and cleaned it up. Simple. Let's get to some much bigger ish like why a lawyer can't feed herself and looks to the file clerks for sustenance.....let's gossip about that.

I am gonna keep keepin'on and I guess find the hilarity in it all so that when I am sitting in Central Park this summer at some outdoor concert series, I can look back and say "that really wasn't all that bad".

Winehouse's Crack Chic To Hit Department Stores?

So when this girl is not in her standard pink ballet shoes, skinny jeans and a ill fitting pushup bra peeking out of a tank, Amy Winehouse has great style. Now The Sun reports that like so many before her, Winehouse is having meetings to launch her own line of clothes, accessories and sundries. Click the heading for more.

Naomi Campbell Hospitalized

According to, Supermodel (yes, you must add that when speaking of Lady N.) Naomi Campbell has been admitted to a hospital in Brazil.

This hefer done caught an infection while partying it up for Carnival! Now comes word that she had to have emergency surgery to remove a cyst.

She is absolutely one of my favorite celebs and I do hope she recovers as I hope to party and bullshit with her one day soon;-)

Happy Birthday Ms. Badu

Hey, there are eight Erykah Badu videos here for you to scroll through and watch. So light your Precious Chandon Incense, boil some water for tea, put on your toe-socks and celebrate the art and lifestyle that is Erykah Badu.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Life Happens While You Are Making Plans

There has been a death in my family over the past weekend and I will be heading out to NY at the end of this week on other matters. Suddenly, being here is much more important than being first with information. I will post hot shit as I find it and I do hope to bring you all of the Erykah Badu goings on in honor of her new CD "New Amerykah: Part One (4th World War)".

For now, here are some inspiration quotes courtesy of

TODAY'S CHINESE PROVERB: Do not create in anger what you lack in reason.

TODAY'S MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE:Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words. -- George Eliot

TODAY'S WISDOM FROM AROUND THE WORLD: The wise man has long ears and a short tongue. -- German Proverb

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Open Bar in SF 2/29/08

I love to party and socialize. I really love to party and socialize when it's free. I just came across a party located in San Francisco going down Friday February 29th at Club Six.
Find me Going at the open bar or sweatin' out all that liquor on the dancefloor. Oh yeah, ya girl goes.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Psst-->> Ne-Yo's Mugshot

So earlier I had posted Ne-yo's mugshot, but I just checked my page and was like 'ick. I don't want Ne-yo's ugly mugshot on my blog". I will however keep up what I wrote, cause that shit is funny;-)Click the heading for more.
Not a good look, literally. is reporting that Pop star Ne-yo, born Shaffer Smith has been arrested in Georgia.

While I do find Ne-yos music to be a little young, I still am rockin' his CD "In My Own Words" like it was released yesterday. I do wish him the best; and fellas, preserve the sexy and shave everyday.

This story speaks to me. Not only do I need to throw a weave in or simply just comb the rats nest that is my hair, I too am driving on a suspended license. Being a superstar, folks clamor for your presence at their functions. You gotta go. But if Paris can get thrown in the clink, then surely I can. I get it. I will need a driver for my weekend activities ((scrolling through my roll-a-dick));-)

First Look-->> Sex And The City Movie

JLo Gives Birth To Her First Boy....And Girl!

Via MSN Video, comes the announcement that Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony have welcomed a boy and a girl to the family. I am so happy for this chick. She has been trying for a while now.
I'm so grateful to not have these types of worries though, my biological clock is deep beneath Vodka, clothes, music and debt!
Click on the heading for more.J.Lo gives birth to twins
J.Lo gives birth to twins

Thursday, February 21, 2008

YBF Host Your First Listen to Erykah Badu's Latest

Go visit The for your first look at Erykah Badu's 4th major CD release in roughly 11 years entitled "New AmErykah, Pt. One: 4th World War". I know and whats more, she made her own beats utilizing her Garage Band, I need to get on my grind for real as I broadcast via my Mac!
The record comes out this Tuesday, and I will try and have something fresh and First for you then;-)
For now, here is the video for lead single "Honey". I'm not a fan of the song for the simple fact that Kelis sang "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" on Tasty. I do love the vid though and so look forward to the Erykah's AmErykah.

Click on the headline for more.
Eh, if I can't get it to ya first, I surely know who can!

Will.I.Am Mutates Into Actor In First Movie Role

According to , Will.I.Am is set to reemerge into the spot light that his Hollywood in the form of an actor! He has snagged a role in Twentieth Century Foxs "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

Will.I.Am is one of my favorite rapper/producers consistently cranking out hits since The Black Eyed Pea's 1998 debut entitled "Behind The Fr". Back then, Kim Hill held down the female vocals; yeah, thought you knew!

Born William Adams, Will.I.Am has been at the helm of 4 Black Eyed Peas records, 3 solo efforts(yes you are behind), and has created countless other tracks, raps and hits for hip-hop, soul, pop and world music artists across the globe.

I look forward to what he brings to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," as he plays a mutant with teleportation powers. Click the heading for more.

Jesse L. Martin Leaves The 27th Precinct

Since the end of "NYPD Blue" and "New York Undercover", I have not really been into these new television cop/crime fighting/evidence gathering drama shows. The aforementioned shows just did it so well that a got my fix. "Law and Order" is no different. I never seemed to get into it or it's spin-offs in the way that millions of other TV viewers have. Yet and still I am aware of its cast members and I am sad to read, according to, one of "Law and Orders" top cops will be leaving for other opportunities.

Jesse L. Martin is one of only four actors to play the same character (Detective Ed Green) on all four "Law and Order" series. His absence will be greatly missed. Look for Jesse L. Martin on the big screen or on Broadway. Click on the heading for the story.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winehouse not Wino Shows Up At The Brit Awards

She did it! Even though she was a noshow to this weeks rehearsals sessions, and she looked a little shaky here, Amy Winehouse showed up and showed out at this years Brit Awards. Click the heading for more.
I told ya I get it to ya First!

Andre 3000's First Clothing Line

Andre 3000 has been steppin' out in some Farmer Brown type fashions recently. And if you like what you see, he is set to introduce his new clothing line christened Benjamin Bixby. Click on the heading for more.

Kanye Is International Male 2008!

The Brit Awards are going down right now. Kanye has picked up the award for Best International Male Award according to NME; click the heading for complete story.
I hope to post Amy Winehouse's performance once it becomes available.

First Artist off HomeSchool Records

I am loving this new Estelle track feat. Kanye West. I saw the special she did with John Legend on TVOne and was like "they are gonna try and spin her into Lauryn Hills spot." But now I hear this track and I'm willing to pay a little more attention.

Her lyrics are fun alongside Kanye' strong, confident and relevant verses. Visit Estelle at her myspace

First Entry

Oh gosh...I've gone and done it. I have created a blog!
I found out about blogging while surfing for gossip on the net, an aide I used as an On-air Radio Personality/Morning show producer in 2005/06. Now I can't go a day without checking in on about 7 different blogs. Entertainment gossip, fashion/beauty and gossip;-) blogs are my addiction of choice. Now in recent months, a host of my friends have been poppin' up with there own blog pages. I love it.

{{may i say here that I am in the last :15mins. of watching a two-hour long American Idol. I said that I would not do it. But the guys were really good....and I Did start a blog...}}

I started to think that I would like a spot were I could get all of the above. Hmmmm, and I also needed a space to write my crazy ass thoughts down. I seem to be a person capable of being 'in the know'. I'm a social butterfly flinting in and out of many different scenes, oh and we won't even discuss all of the music I can introduce you to. Hmmmm.....

Of course with blogging online comes public opinion. And while all of our opinions and comments may have absolutely nothing to do with said post, one thing is always for sure; who was first to comment! Not only did I want to bring you my opinion, I want you to know that I was first to bring you all the hot fashions, up to the minute gossip, the bangin'est music you've heard from House, Soul, Nu-Jazz and World music artist across the globe, under my DJ moniker Charlotte Webb a.k.a Bonnie Parker and of course my thoughts and or rants.

I had been thinkin' bout this till I was like let me just check for the name even if I don't get it started right away. Originally I would have liked to call this blog First! but I believe it was taken. Never to bow out at number 2, I came up with 'Am I first?' Cause inevitably, you'd like to know. Lol. So here we are....I have so much to learn but blogger promised me easy to use options. I'm excited.

It's late. And I want to savor the moment b4 I go to sleep. so more on me and the blog tomorrow, God willing;-)

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