Thursday, February 28, 2008


Has anyone else heard this Ryan Leslie 'Diamond Girl', Feat. 50 Cent? Out of control. It's down below for ya.

Well my plan to move to NY this spring is in motion. I am on my way for the weekend to scope out Brooklyn where I believe I will reside. I can't believe it is here. When you are on your path doors and windows open. Last year this time I toyed with the idea of moving back home to L.A......but I hate L.A. and I've done it. And no movement happened while I was on my L.A. shit cause my shit really is NY.

I am so grateful to be in the moment. To be able to see it take form, the process of moving from being a west-coaster to an east-coaster. In all of my 7 years of being in tha bay, not once have I owned a down jacket. What tha fuck have I been doing I have no clue, but today I found a super-cute, chocolate brown (my color) down-filled jacket with a fur-lined hood and everything! And I learned about a new (to me) designer: BUFFALO David Bitton. Hot.

So let me go, I've got trees to roll and a suitcase to double check. Life is good. And we have everything we need inside of us to get'her done. Just believe. And breathe. And go.



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