Friday, February 22, 2008

Psst-->> Ne-Yo's Mugshot

So earlier I had posted Ne-yo's mugshot, but I just checked my page and was like 'ick. I don't want Ne-yo's ugly mugshot on my blog". I will however keep up what I wrote, cause that shit is funny;-)Click the heading for more.
Not a good look, literally. is reporting that Pop star Ne-yo, born Shaffer Smith has been arrested in Georgia.

While I do find Ne-yos music to be a little young, I still am rockin' his CD "In My Own Words" like it was released yesterday. I do wish him the best; and fellas, preserve the sexy and shave everyday.

This story speaks to me. Not only do I need to throw a weave in or simply just comb the rats nest that is my hair, I too am driving on a suspended license. Being a superstar, folks clamor for your presence at their functions. You gotta go. But if Paris can get thrown in the clink, then surely I can. I get it. I will need a driver for my weekend activities ((scrolling through my roll-a-dick));-)



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