Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Take 5

Daily Affirmation
February 26, 2008

Today I enjoy and savor the journey. I pay attention to my life’s process of unfolding. I embrace my own unique process and release my concerns about results. This moment is enough for me.
I am on some journey right now. I was completely unemployed last year and took to temp work after unemployment ran out. The problem is that I am a creative type forced to work with corporate America for 7 1/2 hours Monday thru Friday. This shit is killing me. Now, yes I do have a plan. Yes I am moving to NYC in April, now May due to my friends passing, but, this shit is hard. These people do not have the same enthusiasm for life that I do, they don't joke in the same way that I do, they never go out for walks or to sit in the courtyard to eat lunch; and they never complain either.

I am in mourning, which I have not shared with too many at my job because the wrong attention will be given, but I am in mourning, I have a quick weekend trip to NYC this weekend that had been planned last month, I have to remember to pay my deposit on a photo shoot I have set up in March, and I have a funeral to attend once I get back home on Monday. This shit is ill. I have no one to confide in until I get back home later tonight. These fools are complaining about how the lady who waters the plants left a leaking plant on the table in the break room. Yeah that sucks but go wipe up the mess and call her on it the next time it happens. Why gather the troops to gossip and the shit still did not get wiped up. I just went in and cleaned it up. Simple. Let's get to some much bigger ish like why a lawyer can't feed herself and looks to the file clerks for sustenance.....let's gossip about that.

I am gonna keep keepin'on and I guess find the hilarity in it all so that when I am sitting in Central Park this summer at some outdoor concert series, I can look back and say "that really wasn't all that bad".



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