Friday, March 7, 2008

Will.I.Am's B.Rocka Campaign Vids.

So over the summer I went to my first presidential rally. I met up with a group of friends in dwntwn Oakland to hear Senator Barack Obama speak. He was a black man trying to run for President of the United States. I'm so not political. I can seem to only focus on pop-culture topics but I realize this needs to change and have taken steps to remedy this and he's black so I gotta go see bout him.
All of Oakland came out. It was a gorgeous day and I was proud. Of course we had many jokes regarding what his campaign song should be and I gave him the tag of B.Rocka. And I swear that he didn't come out till 4:20 but that could be my warped mind;-)
Anyway he spoke and what I got from it was that he was a normal man with a vision for our future and with the help of the American public, he could move us in a new, much needed direction. He is an eloquent speaker, social with a sense of humor and a black wife with two gorgeous black girls.
Yes he can...with our help.
I love Will.I.Am, I believe that I have blogged about him before, but I love his enthusiasm and passion and input. These video's are gorgeous.



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