Monday, May 26, 2008

Grown Man On-->> Suits

Today I am moving from the bay to L.A. I will be traveling all day but I got a request for some mens fashions. I know nothing bout this but am curious as I hope to someday shop for a man that I have been dating longer than a month and who appreciates a woman who would even take the time.
This is the first entry; I thought it fitting to kick off the week with Suit Buying 101.
Alright, I have got to get some sleep and get on the road early and come up with a tag and label for this blog segment...perhaps the gentleman making the request has a suggestion as well;-)


arychtexas said...

My wife and i love to shop. Her favorite line is Dolce but she has more juicy and coach especially coach than other shhh...
but i like Ralph Christian Audigeir express a lil ed hardy clothing... i like versace dolce/D&G prada footwear and eyewear... creative recs are hot virginia people dont wear high end nor premium brand stuff they just start buying prada boots and i had them in 06. Plus they dont have a high end mall here in the 7 city area (virginia beach) we have to order like the christian audigier DOLCE and stuff. Thank god for neiman!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

great post peep this


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