Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Call Mine Daddy

My Daddy. He's the best and the reason for why I won't settle for less. You wanna claim that I am spoiled, it's cool I love it! Cause I seem to be able to make all of my visions and dreams come true. And it's with the teachings, love and energy of this man that gives me the audacity (thanks B.Rocka) to think "yes I can." He is also the reason for why I love Black men and aim to create a beautiful and eclectic Black family in the near future.
Get to know your father and understand that he might not have had a positive male figure in his life and thus did not know how to raise you the way YOU think you should have been raised. YOU might be the one to teach him.

Now vibe to Louis, cause it truly is a wonderful world;-)

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