Friday, June 13, 2008

R. Kelly Gets Off; Literally

According to the, R. Kelly has been acquitted of 14 out of 14 counts in his child pornography case 6 years in the making. has the story of how the jurors came to this verdict.

I saw that video. It was R. Kelly with a child. When he peed on her she said no; he kept going. Adults, by the age of 25 you need to deal with your fucked-up childhoods, grow up and move tha fuck on! And if you have a higher than normal sex drive or desire something other than the norm, that's fine. Just find another adult to satisfy your craving.
Let's do better. Grow tha fuck up and take responsibility for your self!

In Other Buzz and Heard News>> Alicia Keys broke up Swizz Beats marriage!


LadyWritesTheBlues said...

You know what? This is really sad! We live in a world that if you're rich enough, you canb get off for any damned thing! The fact that he married a minor years ago shows that the man has some deep 'issues' with boundaries with underaged (impressionable) girls!


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