Saturday, June 7, 2008

Swaggers Back!

Are you like me and just now waking up after hanging out all night and not getting home from After-hours till 5AM?! Ha, ha last night took me all over L.A. with stops at Rehab for the underground hip-hop scene, then cross town to Besos for some house (bitches didn't let us in though, I guess it's a private spot but I'm not used to such treatment let me tell you! I don't pay covers and rarely wait in lines. No disrespect if YOU do, I just know that those rules generally don't apply to moi)
Anywho, at just after 1AM that put us ahead in time but we headed out to the after-hours spot anyway. The point is I plan on repeating this scenario tonight and I know I will be so freakin' hungry tomorrow afternoon when I wake up. A good breakfast in bed or on the couch with be a welcomed elixir.
So just for you, I have found a vid to teach you how to make exceptional Buttermilk Pancakes from scratch! Eh, don't be lazy, take it slow. Pull out that left over Red Passion Alize and last nights doobie and get to it.



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