Sunday, March 21, 2010


I feel great. I look great and I am content. I am into being real and honest with myself. Unapologetic I am moving forward in celebration of me. While riding the A Train to church this morning, I text messaged this to my twitter account:
Here's to Love, Light & Beauty. And directions on how to get it!
The message for todays sermon, was basically reaffirming how I have been feeling. You are the only you. You have gifts. Find them, use them & live. Now. Time waits for no one.

Here is an affirmation from Science of Mind, March 10th.
Deep pleasure, joy, and knowing secure my mind and delight my heart as daily revelations tell me who I really am. I am a beautiful being. My wisdom, my love, and my creativity are some of the ways in which I bring my elegance into life.



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