Friday, April 4, 2008

First Look-->> Bjork, Goldfrapp, Madonna

Bjorks Wonderlust v2; apparently there will be other versions of this vid coming later this month. I have loved her for more than 10 years now. Damn, I just dated myself;-)
Wanderlust - 2d

Goldfrapp, Happiness
I am deep into Electonica and was dating a man two years ago that introduced me to the music of Goldfrapp I now adore this duo from the UK. Check out Seventh Tree, their latest disc in stores now.

Goldfrapp - Happiness

EMI Music Denmark | MySpace Music Videos

Madonna, the Leo, always canvasses the music landscape to see who are the hot players at the time to produce her music. She has now turned to Timberland for her lead video '4 Minutes' off of her CD Hard Candy, due in the US on April 29Th. I am down on Leo's of late. They are fun but some get in your business in an effort to play on your ego to get what they want. I see through you and have become bored with your though process. Oooh my, lol, well onto the vid!

4 Minutes

Madonna | MySpace Music Videos



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