Thursday, May 1, 2008

Artist; You Know Bout This?

So tonight I went to a dinner at Lavende East sponsored by the Red Bull Academy of Music. I knew nothing bout the event other than dinner at Lavende East which I had not checked out. Delicious by the way, I need to yelp them;-)

Anywhoo, so for the past 5 years Red Bull sponsors a two week retreat, putting a group of:
DJ's, producers, MC's, singers, sound engineers, broadcasters, laptop lapdancers, soulful songwriters
together to learn, create, network and work within the host city/country. It's in Barcelona this year.

I love when a brand that I buy is giving back to the community and to me in some way. I like to party and thus I like Red Bull. Without this shot of adrenaline, I fear that I might not be able to fit in all of the mischief that I like to get into;-)

Go Red Bull. Go Me. Go print out your application cause it is long, needs to be handwritten and is due May 19th!



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