Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yes! Portishead Is Back!

According to the Village Voice, Portishead is bizzack!
I love this band! I was first introduced to Portishead via a mix tape, it was in the early 90's after all, the tape came with no label or track titles. The song Glory Box was this amazingly haunting love song sung by this woman with a child-like innocence. I racked my brain and my friends brains to find out what this was!
What is was was Electronica. The gorgeous child-like voice belonged to Beth Gibbons and the song was the lead single from the groups 1994 major label debut Dummy. Two CD's have followed, one being a live set, and Beth released a solo CD Out of Season in 2002.
Portishead will release their third CD appropriately titled Third later this month on April 29th. Check out the new single Machine Gun!

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